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Handheld Metal Detector
TA-PD418B Buzzer only TA-PD418BV Buzzer with Vibration 1. Detecting metal material or devices such as guns, truncheons, bullets, knives, drills, scissors. 2. LED indicator: Once the device detects metal object, the LED lights up. 3. Buzzer reminder: Once the device detects metal object, the buzzer
Powerful Ear : Audio Sound Amplifier
  Parabolic Sound Collecting Dish. Microphone. On / Off Switch. 8X Monocular. Frequency Controller. Record Button. Playback Button. Headphones
Wide Range Radio Wave Detector
1. Can detect any kind of wireless audio or video signal which might be generated from a machine, wireless microphone, wireless listening device ( bugging device ), wireless camera. 2. The detecting frequency range is from 3MHz to 6500MHz ( 6.5GHz ). 3. The dimension is simply the size of a cigaret

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